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“Hit the Dinosaur, win a prize.” - Submitted 09/15/2013

Growing up in rural Wyoming, Brett Snow was nuts about baseball. “I played baseball every summer of my life,” he remembers. “When I was twelve, our Little Leage field put a sign on the left field wall from the local Sinclair filling station with a picture of their famous dinosaur. The sign read, “Hit the Dino, and win!” Brett didn’t know exactly what he could win, but he knew he was game to give it a try. So he became a ball player on a mission. Every time he stepped to the plate that summer he tried–and failed–to tag that elusive prehistoric critter. It wasn’t until his last up of the last gameof the season that he managed to nail a perfect pitch and sent a long fly ball sailing right into the side of the Sinclair Dino. His prize? A trip with his folks to watch the Denver minor league team, a dream-come-true for a small town Wyoming kid.

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What do you remember most about Sinclair?

For many, family driving trips hold a special place in our memories. And no matter where you called “home,” the Sinclair dinosaur on the highway sign symbolized a welcome place to stop, fill up, refresh, and move on. Now Sinclair is inviting people of every age, and in every part of the country to share their favorite, personal memories of Sinclair. It could be recent, or in the distant past; a town off a remote highway, or a station right in your neighborhood station. It’s easy, it’s fun and everyone wins. Follow the instructions, and share your favorite Sinclair memory.

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